Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

Visiting Tel Aviv

As I checked some of my pictures taken in 2013 I realised that I haven’t showed you any of my trip to Israel and Palestine.
I went there in October with round about 30 scout leaders from all over Germany and let me say this right in the beginning of the now coming picture flood: It was fantastic!!!

We flew to Tel Aviv with and stayed there for like one night and one day =)
Tel Aviv is quite the city. Very different from what you would imagine and very different from Jerusalem. It’s in some ways very “western” there are these big building, huge streets and so so many people, but also the big markets =)

But see for yourself ;)

Missing a cat anyone?!


If you are interested I will post the rest of our trip during the next weeks ;)
Till next time ;)


  1. Tolle Eindrücke ! Mehr davon

  2. Wow. These pictures are unbelievable amazing. The colours of the foods- really like your pictures :)

    Lots of love,