Montag, 20. Januar 2014

Sea of Galilee

After Tel Aviv we went to Nazareth. The city itself is bigger than I thought it would be ;) And I want to start with some pictures taken in the area around the Sea of Galilee. The landscape there is quite fantastic! Very diverse...

We were at the Mount of Beatitudes. I didn’t like it there very much, there were to many people and you couldn’t find a quiet spot to enjoy the mountain, its history and its story.

The way down the hill was like an adventure on its own =D There was this really dry part you see in the pictures, followed from mud holes (I didn’t take pictures of that ;)).

Near Capernaum there is a small church of orthodox christens. We went there around lunchtime and there it was much quieter. It was really wonderful!
Down at the church we had lunch, enjoyed the quiet gardens and the Church itself.
The church is called “Church of the Seven Apostles” and you can see its red domes from afar.
It was built in 1931 at the place, where an earthquake in 746 destroyed the village Capernaum. A long time it was in the middle of military region, since the “Six-Day War” it’s open again for visitors. 



Some pictures of the garden surrounding the church:

We also went to Tabgha for a short visit:

We also had a small prayer at the edge of the lake. It was really wonderful ;)
and peaceful! Very quiet, you could only hear birds =)

I hope you liked the pictures ;)
Till next time ;)


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  3. bekommt man direkt lust auf urlaub! schöne bilder.