Freitag, 17. Januar 2014

vanilla crème with strawberries and walnut-caramel

So I'm trying my best and start blogging in English ;) There are some of my friends which wish to read my blog and unfortunately they don't speak German. So I hope you don't mind ;) 

Some of you might already saw our today’s desert on Instagram and as promised here is the recipe for the "vanilla crème with strawberries and walnut-caramel"

You need:
For the crème:
100 ml cream (as it is vegan we used vegetable cream, but you can also use normal one)
1 sachet of cream stiff
400 gram soft / silken tofu
1 teaspoon of vanilla powder
6 spoons (big ones) of maple syrup
1 ½ teaspoons of guar flow

Strawberry compote:
We used one we did last year in strawberry-season, but you can also buy one ;)
If you do not like strawberries or you have different compote at home:
You can use every other fruit compote you want instead ;)

For the walnut-caramel:
100 gram walnut
120 gram sugar
2 spoons of margarine

How to do it:
First you whip the cream. During the whipping you can put the silken tofu, vanilla, maple syrup and guar flow in a blender and mix it till it’s smooth. Then you stir in the cream and put the mixture in the fridge till you want to serve the desert.

Then you have to chop the walnuts (in bigger pieces) and put them together with the sugar and the margarine in a pan. Heat it up very slowly and when the sugar is melted give 80 ml water in the pan und mix it good! Now you have to stir it with little temperature for 6 to 7 minutes. Then it should be golden brown and you can give it on backing paper to cool down. After its cool you can break it in pieces.

Then you just have to put it in glasses or where ever =) First the cream, than a bit of the compote and on top of it comes a piece of the walnut-caramel.

Enjoy it!

Yours, Fiona


  1. Ich muss ja sagen, Englisch - kein Problem, aber bei den Zutaten hapert es schon mal ein wenig :D tolles Rezept und tolle Erklärung - sieht sehr lecker aus :)


    1. Ja, da muss ich auch immer wieder nachschauen =)
      Ich könnte aber auch die deutschen Zutaten in Klammern dahinter schreiben =)

  2. yummy! Muss ich mal ausprobieren !